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ProDentis - proven program for dentistry


20 Years





Handling of Medical Events

GDPR: prepared for the requirements of the regulation

ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management
ISO 27001:2017 - Information Security

Quality confirmed by ISO certificates. As one of the few companies in the industry, we can boast of ISO certificates guaranteeing the quality of the software

A modern and prestigious study

Full electronic documentation and modern
communication with the patient

Program adapted to the size of the office

Division of the program into functional modules: Doctor's office,
Reception, RVG study room, Sterilization room and Administration with analytics, allows you to adapt the program to the needs of small and large offices

Excellent work in a computer network,

All clinic staff can use the program at the same time

Multidisciplinary solutions and the
English version

As the only company we offer the Medicus
for medical office with dentistryProtetis Program for prosthetic
laboratories cooperating with ProDentis. We offer
ProDentis and Medicus in English for foreign offices

Security and guarantee of development

The development of the program takes place in accordance with
the guidelines and standards of keeping medical records in electronic form


What's new in ProDentis


In every year we introduce many amenities for our clients and news based on the latest technologies. We constantly improve our work program, we make improvements based on our suggestions customers.

New dental chart
Nice and clear vector graphics
and new important features

The new dental diagram means new important functions (e.g. transferring selected treatments between teeth and surfaces) enriched with nice graphics. The diagram is scalable, you can easily adjust its size and the screen

New treatment plans
formation of phased and variant
and treatment planning of patients

The new treatment plans module is a completely rebuilt functionality that significantly extends the treatment planning options available in previous versions of the program.

calendar of events / events
with reminder function

Agenda is an internal schedule that allows you to save events or tasks related to a specific date and time. Tasks / events can be one-time or cyclically repeated.

Queuing system
support for numbers
and recall the patient

The queue system is an innovative system for recalling patients with the use of visual information and speech synthesis. The system also includes an advertising module that can display educational and advertising videos for patients.

Online schedule
Internet booking service
with the option of online payment

The online booking scheduler is an additional online module in the ProDentis program, which allows the patient to make an appointment at any time and from any place. The schedule is available on the clinic's website

keeping records of sterile packages
and registration of their use during the visit

The sterilization room is a module responsible for registering and barcoding sterilized medical tools and recording their collection (use) during a patient's visit. The sterilization function is operated using barcodes

Download ProDentis Lekarz mobile app
Download ProDentis Pacjent mobile app

- central warehouse and sub-warehouses
-delivery and shifts
-automatic picking from the store

- linking document templates with
patient handling

-possibility to encrypt data
-encryption of eco-communication
-secure files

- retail sales service

New drug list
-autonomically updating drug inventory
approved for sale in the Republic of Poland

- archiving of 3D models in the card,
-built-in viewer for 3D models

-possibility to define price lists
variants for branches
-Easy price list comparison

- two-way synchronization of the schedule
doctors from the Google calendar program
while maintaining the protection of personal data


Interesting modules of the ProDentis program


Online Schedule
for patients

Orthodontic cart

Support for fiscal

Cooperation with

Google Calendar
for doctor's

Voip telephony

Queue System

with prosthetics

Online Schedule
for patients

Google Calendar
for doctor's

Orthodontic Cart


Cooperatrion with
radiography devices

Queue System

Support for fiscal

with prothestics

Online Schedule
for patients

Orthodontic Card

Support for fiscal


Google Calendar
for doctor's

VOIP telephony

Queue System

Electronic support
with prothestics


It is good to use ProDentis solutions



10 reasons why you should have Prodentis

Orderly medical records
ProDentis is a comprehensive tool for keeping complete medical records together with archiving of all necessary documents, including photos.

Ergonomic solutions when working with a patient card.
Working with the graphic dentition diagram allows for quick refilling of the card during
subsequent visits.

Experience and development guarantee
The ProDentis program is widely recognized by thousands of users. This is a guarantee stable work with the program, efficient technical support and continuous program development based on the latest trends, technologies and legal requirements.

Professional customer service and excellent technical support.
The ISO quality management system used at INFOTEL SOFTWARE is a guarantee of professional approach to clients and high quality of offered solutions.

The program is tailored to the needs of offices.
Division of the program into functional modules: Doctor's office. Reception. RVG office, Sterilization and Administration allows you to adjust the program to the needs of both small and large medical practices.

Excellent work in a computer network.
The program works well in multi-work rooms.

A mobile solution for working with the program.
The special version of the program allows you to work with ProDentis on portable devices i.e. smartphones. tablets.

Full financial and medical control.
Detailed statistics allow full control of the work of staff from the medical side and financial. The mechanism of settling doctors' commissions also significantly saves time devoted to personnel accounting.

Additional support for specialists - Orto card and Perio card.
Additional specialist cards have been included in the program - Orthodontic with cephalometric analyzes as well as Periodontological with an automatic chart.

Comprehensive management of the entire office.
ProDentis is a unique system that allows you to manage the office from the medical side (full medical records of patients with prescription printouts)