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Prodentis - proven program for dentistry

Why are we the leader among programs for dentistry?

ProDentis comprehensively handles with all activities related to the provision of assistance and support services to patients in medical and administrative terms at doctors' offices and dental clinics. PRODENTIS also streamlines the management of a medical unit and its staff through the monitoring of work, finance and use of materials and medicines.

In the opinion of our users (over 2000 doctors' offices!)PRODENTIS is the best program for dentistry..

10 reasons to have PRODENTIS software at your office.

ProDentis medical software is an ideal solution for dentists who wish to organise their work with patients' medical documentation.

Organised medical records ProDentisis a comprehensive tool to keep patients' full medical records together with archiving all necessary documents, including images. PRODENTIS works with most X-ray systems, dental video cameras, digital cameras etc. which allows to quickly capture images into patients' cards.

Ergonomic solutions at work with patients' cards. Work with graphic dentition diagrams allows to quickly replenish cards during subsequent appointments. Provision of additional fields allows to keep detailed descriptions and - in addition - application of convenient dictionaries of procedures, recommendations, diagnoses (including ICD10) and the pharmacopoeia allows to significantly save doctors' valuable time while replenishing patients' cards.

Experience and guaranteed development. ProDentis enjoys widespread recognition among thousands of users. Due to that PRODENTIS has been present in the market for 13 years, its users benefit from the vast existence of INFOTEL SOFTWARE. It ensures stable operation with the program, efficient technical support and continuous development on the basis of the latest trends, technologies and regulatory requirements.

Professional customer service and excellent technical support. The ISO quality management system implemented in INFOTEL SOFTWARE guarantees our professional customer approach and high-quality solutions.

Program tailored to meet the requirements of doctors' offices. The program split into several functional modules: Doctors' office, Reception Desk, RVG room, Sterilisation room and Administration allows to adjust to meet the needs of small and large medical facilities.

Excellent operation in a computer network. The program is ideal for multi-station offices, the program can be simultaneously used by a doctor, receptionist and manager.

Mobile operation with the program. Our special version of the program allows to work with PRODENTIS at mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets based on Windows as well as MacOS, Android, iOS.

Additional support for specialists - orthodontic and periodontal cards. For specialised doctors the program offers extra cards: orthodontic cards with cephalometric analyses as well as periodontic cards with automatic graphs. Thanks to this feature an orthodontist is not obliged to spend money to purchase additional software - all is to be found in the PRODENTIS system. PRODENTIS saves time and money

Complete financial and medical monitoring. Detailed statistics and summaries allow to fully control the operation of staff in medical and financial terms. Moreover, the feature of billing of doctors' commissions significantly saves time spent on staff billings.

Comprehensive management of all doctor's office operations. ProDentis is a unique system which allows to manage a doctor's office in terms of: medical tasks (patients' full medical documentation with a printout of prescriptions, document editor, cards for orthodontists and periodontologists), reception-desk issues (extensive booking schedule, billings with patients, invoices, bills, fiscal receipts, cash reports), administrative operations (inventory on use of materials and medicines, extensive statistics, staff billings).

In addition, the following makes us distinguishable:

- We have extensive experience in the dental industry ProDentis has been present in the market for 14 years! The program has been constantly developed based on our users' comments and innovative solutions with the use of the latest tools and program. Currently we have run another development project on implementation of innovative technologies being co-financed under the Regional Operational Programme for the Province of Lower Silesia for 2007-2013.

- We professionally implement and supervise IT projects and works - it has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 since 2004.

- For many years we have cooperated the best and leading suppliers and representatives of dental companies in Poland, , so that we are able to offer ergonomic solutions which allow these two programs to cooperate and attach RVG images to patients' medical cards in PRODENTIS. Thus by opening a patient's card you have easy access to complete patient's records covering the course of all treatments and all images (from RVG, video cameras and microscopes),

- For many years we have cooperated with the Medical Universities, among others, in Warsaw and Szczecin, thus - just during the studies - students can become familiar with ProDentis and its features.

We provide professional technical care - and remote assistance offered to our users - our special technical unit always answers your phone call.

We enjoy the trust of several thousands of users - we can provide you with our reference list.

This intuitive program is supported by a manual book and training videotapes

Up-to-date schedule - appointments can be kept with a breakdown by doctors and seats; there is also a schedule for medical equipment available - NEW!

Ergonomic work with dentition diagrams, which allow for quick and easy work without unnecessary consultation of doctor's time,

Alternate treatment plans for patients - - it is possible to set up different plans, supplemented with images and full scheduled medical expenses.

Cooperation with prosthetic labs - it is possible to open prosthetic orders supplemented by photographic documentation, their transfer to prosthetic labs as well as clearance of their costs - NEW!

It is possible to set access rights for staff to individual program features - NEW!

Our loyalty system and discount policies which allow to effectively accomplish marketing policies in your office - NEW!

Mechanizm umożliwiający automatyczne sporządzania kopii zapasowych bazy danych

Preparation of cash reports - printouts of cash register receipts and disbursements, invoices, bills - NEW!